Un espacio que propone reflexionar sobre el urbanismo y la arquitectura en Euskadi.

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Archives of 20th century architecture. The memory of the profession

Mariano J. Ruiz de Ael

Olatz Ocerin


This phase of the work has been focused on preparing basic elements of dissemination of the tasks carried out.

After the digitization of the documentary collections, their treatment for their subsequent electronic consultation. Funds Garai, Montero, Unzurrunzaga, Iñiguez and Ustarroz, Galarraga, Pizarro …
The realization of different promotional and disclosure videos on:
The Architectural and Urban Documentary Heritage of the Basque Country.
Music videos about our most prominent architects.
Analysis of his most significant works.
The approval and implementation during this course 2,020 / 2,021 of a Complementary Course within the teaching offer of the Higher Technical School of Architecture – Arkitektura Goi Eskola Teknikoa UPV / EHU entitled: Archives of Architecture of the 20th century. Center for Digital Studies. That will allow us to train groups of students interested in it in this matter.

Euskadi and heritage
Phase 2018
Phase 2019

” …we must carefully analyze the files we have, which have a rich visual and analytical material. ”

Fragmentos selecionados (VO): 


“…a medida que vamos trabajando los fondos, van aumentando de forma importante los posibles trabajos de investigación. Estando actualmente en disposición de desarrollar una posible exposición en torno a la Tendenza en Euskadi con materiales inéditos, que sería de gran interés darlos a conocer.


Mariano J. Ruiz de Ael