Un espacio que propone reflexionar sobre el urbanismo y la arquitectura en Euskadi.

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Wind Study Center

Haizearen ikerketa zentroa


Type of work

Julia Juan Irazustabarrena

FDP / Final Degree Project

‘No escuches los consejos de nadie, sino los susurros del viento, que pasa y nos cuenta la historia del mundo.’ – Claude Debussy


The wind, a key element on the island of Ibiza with great importance in its history, with repercussions in its culture and beliefs. An element that is felt as a protagonist along the wall of the city, which tells us the history and evolution of all civilizations that settled there since the Phoenicians in the seventh century BC. The Wind Study Center creates a tour through the bastions of the wall of Dalt Vila in which this element is studied. Ibiza, throughout its history, has been a walled city; however, this wall has been changing and has been rebuilt on different occasions to accommodate the particular needs of each historical moment. Today the wall built in the 16th century is preserved, responding to the city’s need to protect and defend itself against artillery. There is no doubt that it is an element, although historical and symbolic of the city, totally obsolete; and through this project it is intended to bring it back to life and write a new stage in its history, knowing that it will continue to transform and adapt over the years.
The main intervention focuses on one of the elements of the wall: Es Revellí.



Julia Juan Irazustabarrena

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